Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Review - The Book Thief

(552 pages)

Where do I start? This book was an inspiring tribute to a girl's trying life.

As a young girl in Nazi Germany, Liesel Meminger is brought to foster parents because her mother can no longer care for her. This news is hard to grasp for Liesel. When she arrives at 33 Himmel Street, she is greeted by a squat woman named Rosa Hubermann, or Mama as Liesel is to address her. Liesel learns the ways of her new mama shortly. Her affection is shown by calling Liesel names. Liesel looks past this and loves her mama for who she is.

Hans Hubermann. Liesel's role model, teacher, hero, friend, and most importantly the father she never had. When Liesel continues to have wakening nightmares about her brother, her papa is there when she awakes and into the wee hours of the morning, he teaches her to read and write.

When a Jew needs a place to rest and hide, Hans and Rosa welcome Max Vandenburg into their already crowded and poor life. With their love for words and scary nightmares, Max and Liesel soon realize they have much in common.

Surviving in Nazi Germany is hard enough without the secret harboring of a Jew.

Liesel learns from her life with the Hubermanns and Max. She learns to love unconditionally, to read and write, and the most important, to stand up for herself and her beliefs.

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