Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost There..

Whoo hoo! My sophomore year is almost finished... halfway there! It has been a pretty smooth ride... so far. I have learned the personalities of all my teachers. So I know what makes some mad! All of my classes are pretty easy. I still do not like math, but I have a wonderful teacher who explains things twice! I had oral communications this semester too. We had a blast! The new teacher this year is ah-MAZING! I have learned quite a bit in all of my classes. The only reason I do not want this year to end, is because of the seniors. I do NOT want them to leave me. I don't only have to wait one year, I HAVE TO WAIT TWO! I hope this year slows down just a little bit. Time flies when you're having fun!


In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar it is not fate that makes the traitors betray Caesar. They had a choice. I think to make themselves feel better, they told themselves it was all planned out. It was fate. But it was not fate. It was free will. The act of murdering Caesar was a choice the killers made. They had the choice, no matter what they told themselves. It was cold - blooded murder.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're Following the Leader Wherever He May Go

Finishing up the book, Julius Caesar by Willaim Shakespeare, I learned that following the leader is not always the best idea.
Brutus, a powerful man with many allies, was followed closely. He was the leader of the pack. But not all of his ideas to better the country were the best. Marc Antony, a noble
follower of Caesar's, remained loyal to Caesar even after his death. A good leader is loyal, reliable, and trustworthy. Antony was all of these and more. He was not afraid to put down Brutus when he knew his ways were wrong. Antony, a humble man, was not embarassed to be the head but was careful with his position.
To me, Marc Antony proved to be the best leader.