Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Views on Sci-Fi..

Well, I personally like sci-fi. Most of it anyway. I enjoy the books more than the movies. The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells was assigned for us to read in Pre-AP English 10. At first, I was thoroughly confused on where Mr. Wells was going with the story, but as I progressed in the novel, I began to get a better understanding of the science-fiction genre.
Benefits exist for teachers assigning sci-fi novels. For example, younger generations know so little about this unreal genre. (No pun intended.)

"So little suffices to make us visible one to the other."
pg. 172 "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells

Meet Lainey!

Lainey is a superhero to little girls everywhere! Being tall and beautiful is one reason why she is so looked up to. She has a button nose, plump lips, and piercing eyes. Shoulder-length blonde hair tops her off. Pink and purple are her trademark colors. Her leotard has a star on her left top and knee-high boots completes her powerful look. She is charismatic, humble, and stands up for others. She believes all little girls are special in their own way. No matter if they are clumsy or shy. She, too, used to be an awkward child, until she realized how she was and she should be proud. Her motto is, "Everyone's a star in her own way, even if they are not yet the brightest." Lainey is a charming woman who lets girls know they can be their own hero.