Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost There..

Whoo hoo! My sophomore year is almost finished... halfway there! It has been a pretty smooth ride... so far. I have learned the personalities of all my teachers. So I know what makes some mad! All of my classes are pretty easy. I still do not like math, but I have a wonderful teacher who explains things twice! I had oral communications this semester too. We had a blast! The new teacher this year is ah-MAZING! I have learned quite a bit in all of my classes. The only reason I do not want this year to end, is because of the seniors. I do NOT want them to leave me. I don't only have to wait one year, I HAVE TO WAIT TWO! I hope this year slows down just a little bit. Time flies when you're having fun!


In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar it is not fate that makes the traitors betray Caesar. They had a choice. I think to make themselves feel better, they told themselves it was all planned out. It was fate. But it was not fate. It was free will. The act of murdering Caesar was a choice the killers made. They had the choice, no matter what they told themselves. It was cold - blooded murder.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're Following the Leader Wherever He May Go

Finishing up the book, Julius Caesar by Willaim Shakespeare, I learned that following the leader is not always the best idea.
Brutus, a powerful man with many allies, was followed closely. He was the leader of the pack. But not all of his ideas to better the country were the best. Marc Antony, a noble
follower of Caesar's, remained loyal to Caesar even after his death. A good leader is loyal, reliable, and trustworthy. Antony was all of these and more. He was not afraid to put down Brutus when he knew his ways were wrong. Antony, a humble man, was not embarassed to be the head but was careful with his position.
To me, Marc Antony proved to be the best leader.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


SYNERGIZE means to work together as a team and come up with the best solution to a problem. Working together by synergizing, will help with the baseness of some group problems. Just synergizing in school could be a big start for the best for this country. If two groups, countries in this case, got together to discuss a problem,then talked it out, then came up with the best solution to solve the problem, imagine how much this world could accomplish! Sean Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens could not only teach important issues to teens, but could also help this state, this country, this world realize what they have been missing all along. Just SYNERGIZE!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Get Up and Go be PROACTIVE!!

My classmates and I are reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. When we were first assigned to read this book, I thought What does this have to do with anything? Then I began reading, and my whole point of view changed. Sean really knows how to write to the heart.
The #1 Habit is entitled "Be Proactive! - I am the force!" Sean uses this example: "Reactive people make choices based on impulse. They are like a can of soda pop. If life shakes them up a bit, the pressure builds and they suddenly explode." This chapter is about not be reactive to certain things. Say your little brother snuck into your room and read your diary. Although not reacting is tough, the proactive response is to not let that one little incident ruin your whole day.
I really learned from this chapter. My mom has told me quite often, "Don't let that put a damper on things!" I am now understanding why it is important to be PROACTIVE. If I learn to let accidents slide, then I will be able to concentrate on what really matters. So Get Up! Get Set! And Be Proactive!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ba"Rock this Nation!"

Barack Obama. So many different feelings are aroused when this presidential candidate is mentioned. Many of his views support my own opinion. Getting our troops out of Iraq (finally) is a top priority. Becoming better allies with foreign countries would decrease our chances of becoming involved with more long, drawn - out wars, like the war with Iraq. The issue abortion has caused is finally realized. Abortion should be legal. Not that i believe a baby should be killed for its parents' mistakes, but that it should be the persons affected choice. Obama definitely has my 2012!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Views on Sci-Fi..

Well, I personally like sci-fi. Most of it anyway. I enjoy the books more than the movies. The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells was assigned for us to read in Pre-AP English 10. At first, I was thoroughly confused on where Mr. Wells was going with the story, but as I progressed in the novel, I began to get a better understanding of the science-fiction genre.
Benefits exist for teachers assigning sci-fi novels. For example, younger generations know so little about this unreal genre. (No pun intended.)

"So little suffices to make us visible one to the other."
pg. 172 "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells

Meet Lainey!

Lainey is a superhero to little girls everywhere! Being tall and beautiful is one reason why she is so looked up to. She has a button nose, plump lips, and piercing eyes. Shoulder-length blonde hair tops her off. Pink and purple are her trademark colors. Her leotard has a star on her left top and knee-high boots completes her powerful look. She is charismatic, humble, and stands up for others. She believes all little girls are special in their own way. No matter if they are clumsy or shy. She, too, used to be an awkward child, until she realized how she was and she should be proud. Her motto is, "Everyone's a star in her own way, even if they are not yet the brightest." Lainey is a charming woman who lets girls know they can be their own hero.