Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wars? Wars.

Do you agree we can fight violence with..violence? In the prime utopia of this earth, all wars would end. All fighting would cease. No more killing. No more murders of the innocent. Money would be saved. No more spending valuable dollars on weapons and soldiers' paychecks.

Starving? Starving.

No more hungry children thrashing through trash cans in an attempt to search for food. No more helpless babies being left to die in alleys because the single mother could not afford the food. Many countries have so much food to give, yet don't. If the surpluses could be distributed to third world countries, the swollen bellies of starving children would at last be satisfied.


As President Barack Obama stated: "...[we will] nourish starved bodies and feed the hungry minds." Many nations take a high education for granted, but so many people have the privelege to...learn. In a perfect world, education would be a top priority because so many are willing yet unable to learn.

Utopia? Yes.

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